Quality Standards

These are the quality standards of the wiki. Note that these are applied mainly to stories where the mentioned elements detract from the story itself.

Please note that while these are generally guidelines, passing these guidelines is, in fact, a requirement. Any story that fails these standards will be, without prejudice to the author or any other factors, deleted.

There are, however, a few standards that are basically rules – unless following them ACTUALLY detracts from the story. These are the minimum quality standards, and they are listed in the following section.

Minimum StandardsEdit

  • Your story must have at least minimally good spelling and grammar. Meaning, we should be able to actually read it.
  • Walls of text are not acceptable. If you upload a story with no paragraphs/few large paragraphs, it will be deleted.
  • Do not write completely in title case (Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word Like This). For obvious reasons, this is difficult to correct, and stories that are uploaded like this will be subject to deletion.
  • Remember to put a space after punctuation. Again, it's difficult to correct and will be subject to deletion.

Page TitlesEdit

You must correctly capitalize a page title. Titles do not need periods - they are not sentences, they are titles.

This wiki follows the CMoS title format: prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, articles, and "to" in an infinitive (preceding a verb) are lowercase.

What We Want in StoriesEdit

  • Your story should have a minimally decent plot line formulated with varying and different events. All stories have plots.
  • There needs to be a moderate amount of description. Not too much so that it halts the storyline (a common mistake some writers make) and not too little to be bland and boring (another common mistake.) The amount of description needed is largely dependent on what the story is and how it's formatted.
  • It should be spelled correctly (already in there). Also, know the differences: "Your" (possessive) "You're" (You are). "There" (A place) "Their" (possessive) "They're" (They are.) "It's" (It is) "Its" (possessive).
  • The story needs to make a degree of sense. It should be consistent and readable. Now, many of you are saying "Wait, what if I want to have a more fragmented approach to telling my story, ala David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino?" Well then, go for it. Just make sure that things eventually come together.
  • Something needs to grab the reader's attention. A hook, as we call it. It needs to grip the reader into the story in its own way.

Questions to Ask YourselfEdit

  • Is this progressing the story?
  • Is this interesting, engaging or making the story better in any way?
  • Is this necessary to understand the story and/or will it come back later?