NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Content refers to stories and literary works that have explicit gore, violence, or sexualized scenery. These works tend to be very descriptive of their content - giving more than a mere mention of the object in question.

Why We Accept NSFW Content

The Library seeks to archive works of literature based on their quality, not on their content. We do not wish to censor or explicitly deny content based on explicit description, though we do wish to abide by the Terms of Use for Wikia. Because of this, we must have some way of governing NSFW content on site, whilst still ensuring that we are primarily concerned with the quality of the stories and works in question.

However, we are very anti-censorship. We are using the generous amount of managerial autonomy given to us by Wikia to ensure that while we are still abiding by the Terms of Use, we can still accept NSFW content and encourage the discussion of literary works of this caliber. Whereas we cannot accept all forms of NSFW content (pictures, Porn-with-plot, Pointless rape, etc.), it would not be fair to us or the authors of these stories to deny a work due to content within - and not its quality.

Steps We've Taken To Ensure that Content is Regulated, But Not Forbidden

  1. There is a javascript page that hides content in the NSFW category until the viewer confirms they wish to see it.
  2. There are content pieces we cannot and will not accept - this mostly pertains to explicitly forbidden content. Pictures are not stories. Pointless sex and rape (Porn-with-Plot and Rape fics, respectively) are not acceptable, and this is also pertaining to quality.
  3. This page.

We Do Not Care If You Are Offended at NSFW Content

The only opinions relevant to this policy are the opinions of Wikia Staff - if they state that we can not accept NSFW content under any circumstances ever, then so be it. Being offended at a piece of content is most certainly not a valid excuse to change this policy. As Christopher Hitchens once said: "In this country, I've been told 'That's offensive' as if those two words constitute an argument or comment. Not to me, they don't."

You are not required to view an NSFW page. You are explicitly asked if you want to and allowed to say no. If you are a parent, it is your responsibility to regulate your child as to when he can and cannot press that "Yes, I do" button, not ours. We've done our part. The rest is up to you.