A rose by any other color,
Whether it's withered or blue.
Could not explain the feelings
That I share with you.

Whenever I talk to you,
My chest is engulfed with a wild flame.
I feel I can accomplish the world,
And accomplish it, till the grave.

Although I've never seen your face,
The only beauty I need is your personality.
Whenever I talk to you, I feel I can accomplish the world,
I feel like I'm invincible for eternity.

You are a princess,
And I want to make you queen.
Of my whole entire empire,
Of which no one has seen.

If I had to tell you
On how I feel about you.
A sentence so simple,
A sentence so true.

The sentence I want to share,
For no other person, other than you.
A sentence, so repetitive, it is a cliche,
But that sentence expresses my feeling, that sentence is "I love you".

And now the rose is burning;
Growing rapidly with passion.
The rose is my heart,
Whenever we share a compassion.

Credited to Fatal Disease